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Dental Crown

Dental Crown

When teeth are badly decayed or fractured a dental crown, which is commonly known, as a cap is the best solution. In fact, crowns are highly recommended as a preventive measure for weakened teeth. We can also help you replace old metal crowns with new, safe porcelain ones.

Your Dental Crown Appointment

Your Dental Crown Appointment

Having dental crowns is a two-step procedure, which involves reshaping the tooth and making an impression of it during the first visit. The crown is placed during the second appointment about 2 to three weeks later and even fine-tuned for the bite and the fit. The results will be similar to a natural tooth and also give out a pleasing appearance.

Dental Crown Facts

porcelain dental crown facts

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Dental Crowns - The difference between veneers and a crown

Dental Crowns - The difference between veneers and a crown

When a crown is placed it provides the strength the tooth needs to be able to chew effectively without causing any further damage. The tooth gets the support it needs because the crown fits completely around and on top of the tooth.

Cosmetic treatments like porcelain veneers can be used when a front tooth has chipped slightly or even cracked. Tooth damage of the severe kind caused by tooth decay or injuries of any kind makes the tooth weak. It will have an unsightly appearance, and that could cause severe pain along with the inability to chew.

Cosmetic crowns can repair the teeth that are damaged and can also straighten the teeth cosmetically, giving your teeth a better appearance and also hide discolorations of any kind. The advances made in porcelain technology provides us with all ceramic material that is not just aesthetic but also durable and strong. To restore the natural look and function of your smile is the best option available. These tooth-colored all ceramic crowns blend seamlessly around the tooth. These restorations can combine strength and beauty unlike dental restorative measures of other types.

Why Ceramic Material Should Be Used for Tooth restoration

Why Ceramic Material Should Be Used for Tooth restoration

Restorations from all ceramic crowns do not contain metal, and this factor allows light to shine through them just as it would do with natural teeth. Crowns from all ceramic standout from the rest because of their:

  • The natural appearance and the highly esthetic appeal they have.
  • Their durability and their ability to last long.
  • Their range of colors to match the adjacent teeth.
  • Bio-compatibility

Crowns Can Also Be Placed Over Implants

Protecting and beautifying the natural teeth is not the only reason why crowns can be used because they can also be placed over dental implants. The implant is placed in the site of the lost tooth and given the time it needs to heal and fuse strongly to the bone. The porcelain crown is then placed on top to replace the missing tooth beautifully restoring complete functionality

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  • They are so compassionate. I usually hate going to the dentist, its always a scary thing for me. Anxiety sets in and I usually chicken out and not go. Glad I didn't this time. They are so patient and very thorough in explaining everything to you. I would definitely recommend them highly.

    Sonya Bailey
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  • My sons first visit was May 4th. The whole staff was so welcoming and nice and made us feel at home. They are quick but also take their time with their patients as well. Danielle and Dominique and the Dentist himself were awesome. I love this place and recommend ANYONE to go there!!

    Kierra H.
    Kierra H.
  • My family of six went in Friday morning at 8am and all 6 of us were done by 10am! The staff is very friendly and welcoming. We had a great experience. They were so patient and kind with my children and made us very comfortable. Always checking on us and explaining each step they took . Gave great advice! I highly recommend them!

    Sarah S.
    Sarah S.
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